Art Pick of the Week: Matthew Holler;

Art Pick of the Week: Matthew Holler; "Untitled Image 1 - La Primavera"

Fashion photographer, Matthew Holler should be very familiar to most of you. He's known for his luxurious magazine covers to intimate portraits. He masters what the greats in this field achieve, the marriage of fine art photography and the consumerism of fashion.

Title: "Untitled Image 1 - La Primavera"
Artist: Matthew Holler
Where: Burns Court Cafe
Why I chose it: It's goes beyond framing the product but focusing on the essence and beauty of his subject. With consideration of where the artwork is displayed, this piece perfectly fits with Burns Court Cafe. It punctuates that romantic, almost film noir feel as you sip an italian coffee, or take in a night of sultry jazz with your glass of wine. Yet, what I particularly admire of this photograph, is while it exudes a sophisticated and moody era, the Sarasota vibe is not lost. You easily pick up on the warmth and softness as your eye travels follow the lighting on her right arm and leg. It hauntingly juxtaposes her stark black hair and garment and forces a story. It makes you wonder, "Can she be trusted?"
For more information on the artist and his work, visit www.matthewhollerphotography.com

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Art Pick of the Week: Doris Leeper, “Garden Sculpture 3”

Art Pick of the Week: Doris Leeper, “Garden Sculpture 3”

A well-traveled sculpture (this is the work’s third home in Sarasota since 2000), Doris Leeper’s “Garden Sculpture 3” now quietly resides on the corner of 1st and Orange.

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