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Robin's #ArtPick of the Week - 9/12

Robin's #ArtPick of the Week - 9/12

There's a certain joy in discovering the new pieces on rotating display facing Fruitville Rd by artist John Lichtenstein. Though, this one in particular caught my eye.

Title: Miss Mack
Artist: John Lichtenstein
Where: Fruitville Parking Lot across the street from the HuB.

Why I chose it: My husband and I first stumbled on John's work as we'd park in the lot. A month later, we would notice a new piece of work. I love the surprise of discovering new pieces. John exercises a lovely use of bright colors that pop, framed in a clean black lines in this piece.

Recently, I spoke with Lichtenstein and he shared the following:

"I was asked by a dear friend to place some if my art up on the fence that is along side Fruitville Rd. about 6 months ago. I produce one plywood in a day, so i was happy to display it there. I rotate plywood about once a month and need to change it. Though, i'm very disappointed that no one has defaced it in any way." said Lichtenstein. "I hope to cover the widows in my home with them one day when the next storm comes along."

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