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Experience Sarasota: Green Bean Coffee House

Experience Sarasota: Green Bean Coffee House

Ramped-up is one way to describe the Green Bean Coffee House as skateboards click-clacked across the café’s back-yard half pipe and local bands entertained a laid-back crowd of friends and well-wishers.

Situated amidst a residential area on Bradenton Road, the pistachio-green colored exterior will certainly attract the more discerning java junkie.

Co-owned by general manger Jason Fisher and Aaron O’Conner, the café has a super-hip demeanor that will, Fisher hopes, attract the nearby art crowd from Ringling College and also make a name for itself throughout the local community.

O’Conner, a graduate of Gulf Coast Community College’s culinary school is, naturally, in charge of the kitchen and its ever-changing menu. As for his partner’s culinary skills, O’Conner reveals a certain lack of trust. “I don’t think Jason can make a decent cup of coffee,” he laughed.  

With an ambience of low-key lighting mixed with contemporary furnishings and works by local artists displayed on the walls, the café has achieved an ambience much to the bemusement of its owner.   

“This is my first rodeo,” the US Navy veteran admitted. “I wanted to be my own boss after having so many bosses in the military.”

However, Fisher didn’t exactly rush headlong into a business venture without careful consideration and there were a few obstacles in the way of his initial business plan.

“I originally wanted to turn the building into a skate shop but the city wouldn’t allow that idea,” he explained.  

“City hall advised me of a more suitable business adventure.” 

And with that advice, Fisher and the idea of a coffee shop replete with a modest kitchen became a reality.

“I thought the Green Bean Coffee House would be a positive way to bring the community together,” said Fisher. “I’m just trying to give back and be more social.

“Once you get that point of no return you have to commit.”

One of Fisher’s business partners, Chantelle Winston, explained the work required to deliver the Green Bean Coffee House to its opening day.

“Jason had to build this place up from the foundations,” she said. “There were bullet holes in the walls, the place was a mess. But he and Aaron worked hard. It was a dream they had and they’ve achieved what they set out to achieve. It’s a unique spot. There’s so many possibilities.

“This area of town is improving,” Winston said. “This café will be a center for the community with events that will bring everyone together. We’re prepared for anything we can do to help to achieve our goals for a successful business and be a part of the local scene.”

As far as Fisher is considered, the Green Bean Coffee House is a simple extension of his former life as owner of a remodeling company. 

“I love building,” he said. “That’s my passion.”

Looking at the day’s events unfolding before him, he simply added, “I just thought this would be a fun thing to build.” 

The Green Bean Coffee House
3521 Bradenton Road
941 400-4437

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