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Experience Sarasota: Painter's Palate

Experience Sarasota: Painter's Palate

All through Chef Marc Brediger’s travels, from his native France, to Thailand and finally to Sarasota, an eclectic curiosity has always driven him to search beyond the merely satisfied.

And now, tentatively established among Sarasota’s ever-expanding restaurant vista, Brediger’s Painter’s Palate has drawn shouts of enthusiastic reviews and long lines of engaged foodies since its opening last July, all waiting to sample his unique Asian fusion creations.

“This is my first business,” said chef/ owner Brediger, “and so far it’s going well.”

His success to date could be described as beginner’s luck, but that would whitewash Brediger’s dedication and family ties. With his mother, Oy, as a mentor (she owns the Drunken Poet Café on Main Street), Brediger’s eclectic skills were learned in part from her influence, first as he grew up in Thailand, and then upon their return to his hometown Normandy, France.

“I just watched her in our kitchen in Thailand,” he said. “When we returned to France, I had the ability to create Thai-style dishes that ranged from complex to simple Thai street food. It was a great mixture of influences.”

He would eventually cut the apron strings, and began to strike out in his own, hoping to grasp the essence of French cuisine, too.

When I was 15, I simply wanted to put my skills to the test and explore French cooking. I didn’t attend culinary school – I learned through trial and error. I don’t cook gastronomically-perfect French cuisine, the reaction from my customers has been positive; they’ve told me my menu and ideas are unique.”

Current on-line reviews have been gushing if nothing else, ranging from a simple “Wow” to, “I love the marriage of French and Thai – brilliant idea!”

Brediger, with his low-key demeanor, takes the praise in his stride. Or perhaps he’s still coming to terms with the whirlwind he has created for himself. After all, he arrived in Sarasota on vacation less than two years ago.

“I liked the city and I decided he stay,” he admits. “I helped my mom as a sushi chef when I first arrived, and eventually decided to open my own restaurant.

“It’s an accomplishment,” Brediger continued. “It’s not easy. I never thought about how difficult it would be. Right now it’s just myself in the kitchen.”

But this one-man show is far from a one-trick pony. A menu loaded with sushi, pizza laden with exotic toppings such as duck curry, delicious burgers, Thai street food and much more, suggests Brediger is a chef with a never-ending curiosity.  

“I’m always searching for new ideas,” he said. “The restaurant has such a wide range of customers and I want to satisfy everybody if I can.

Painter’s Palate
2801 North Tamiami Trail
(941) 355-4620 

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