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Experience Sarasota: I-Fix-A-Phone

Experience Sarasota: I-Fix-A-Phone

Although there are plenty of homespun remedies that promise to miraculously repair your smart phone, I-Fix-A-Phone owner Greg Nadeau has no time for such scams.

Although there are plenty of homespun remedies that promise to miraculously repair your smart phone, I-Fix-A-Phone owner Greg Nadeau has no time for such scams.

“Stuffing your iPhone in a bowl of rice if you’ve dropped it in the Gulf just isn’t gonna work,” he says, barely suppressing a wearisome look.

Online articles such as “How to Recover a Drowned Apple IPhone?” or the ubiquitous “How to Repair Your Cracked IPhone Display?” may promise the Holy Grail for home repairs, but the reality is much different, as Nadeau explains. “My staff can fix any phone, but you’ve got to help us by getting here to the store as soon as possible.”

That plea is aimed squarely at those customers whose need for staying in touch extends to a day on the water. “It’s one problem if you drop the phone into fresh water,” explains Nadeau, “but saltwater and electricity do not mix together at all.”

Nadeau says that the internal parts of phones are rusting within an hour of plucking your precious device from the sea, and can take up to 48 hours to repair. “But some customers just can’t wait that long,” he adds.

And that is when another aspect of I-Fix-A-Phone’s business comes into play, because with new devices coming out left and right, many Americans think little of dumping their relatively new smartphone for the latest model.

“Some customers don’t have the luxury of waiting for their phone to be fixed, if it can be fixed,” Nadeau says. “So we’re always buying and selling reconditioned phones, because the choice is either spend $200 or less here, or go to the carrier and spend three times that amount.”

Phones aside, Nadeau has witnessed an increase in business with breathless smokers bringing in their electronic cigarettes for repair. “We’re noticing more and more people bringing in their e-cigs because of recharging issues,” he confirms. “The first time someone brought one into the store they said, ‘It’s not charging’ and I said, ‘Go buy a new one.’ But I was soon told that they can be very expensive to replace, so that was a lesson learned.”

Nadeau admits that from an early age he has always been fascinated with how electronic toys work, taking them apart and putting them together again, and helping his friends fix their radio-controlled cars. And despite being in the electronics business for more than 20 years, he admits he’ll never tire of his inclination to fix and repair, and will always maintain an inquisitive attitude regardless of how many iPhones with cracked cases flow across his work bench.

“One thing about this business is that smart phones or computers don’t come with manuals,” he observes. “These devices are changing constantly, so it’s always exciting to get something you’ve never worked on before, and to figure out how it comes apart and fits back together again. The best part of this job is discovering something new and different.”

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