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Experience Sarasota: Eye Center South

Experience Sarasota: Eye Center South

If you think you don’t have to take care of your eyes, it might be time to reconsider your attitude – because impaired vision is actually the most widespread disability in the world, affecting 4.2 billion people around the globe.

Since 1987, Eye Center South has been providing comprehensive and up-to-date advice for patients seeking a clearer, focused lifestyle. 

Proudly independent, and free of commercial gimmicks, the clinic maintains close relationships with local laboratories and suppliers, helping the local business community thrive. And according to Ed Midler, Eye Center South’s optical director, it’s a policy that ultimately benefits the customers. 

“We’re not interested in competing with the big corporations,” Midler explains. “We are a 'local' company, circulating your hard earned money in Sarasota – and by doing so, we can offer a unique service that reflects our customers’ needs and desires, both in a health care sense and a fashion sense. You won’t find the level of care in Wal-Mart or Lenscrafters that you’ll get at Eye Center South.” 

Without that shopping mall conveyor-belt approach, says Midler, Dr. Todd Morgan O.D.  (ECS owner) along with 4 other eye health professionals dedicate their time and effort to understanding a constantly evolving ophthalmic industry that provides the tools of their trade. 

“The eye care and optical industry has changed so much in terms of technical advances,” says Midler. “it is very important that all of Eye Center South’s doctors, optician and staff are experts in their field, and stay in touch with the ever-changing world of vision care. We’re a complete, one-stop eye health clinic.”  

Acknowledging the fact customers are more savvy nowadays, thanks to their research on the internet, Eye Center South provides more than just a basic eye test and the usual screening for glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. “Our doctors will search deeper into a customer’s medical history and background, with a comprehensive set of questions that result in a finely-tuned prescription dedicated to the patient’s requirements,” Midler explains. 

And if you think you don’t have to take care of your eyes, it might be time to reconsider your attitude – because impaired vision is actually the most widespread disability in the world, affecting 4.2 billion people around the globe.  

But according to the World Health Organization, 80 percent of all visual impairment can be avoided and/or cured. Recently, Prevent Blindness released a study estimating that the U.S. population collectively lost 283,000 life years in 2013 due to uncorrected vision problems, while a study by the Vision Impact Institute found that three out of four people in the U.S. have vision correction, with 71 percent of them wearing glasses, and 22 percent wearing contact lenses. 

The study also found that people are most likely to wear corrective lenses while driving, with 73 percent of people wearing glasses or contacts every time they get behind the wheel. Somewhat worryingly, 27 percent of glasses wearers never wear their corrective lenses when driving.? 

Making sure the patients of Eye Center South are educated about their eyesight is an important part of the doctors and opticians job, as Midler explains. “I fill prescriptions and educate patients about lens designs, frame fit, fashion design and other options that enhance their lifestyle and eyesight,” he says. “I’ve seen a rise in parents bringing their children in for eye tests, too, primarily because of the Affordable Healthcare Act, and because Eye Center South offers coverage under commercial vision plans.  

“We’re a very reassuring company.” "Patient care is our number one priority." 

Eye Center South 
2020 Cattlemen Road 
Suite 500 
941 378-3937 

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