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ALBUM REVIEW: Good Graeff's

ALBUM REVIEW: Good Graeff's "Good Job Go" EP

Press play on the first track of the Good Graeff’s new EP “Good Job Go” and the first thing you’ll wonder is whether or not these are the same indie-folk-rocking twins that we grew to know and love, as they were touring around the country in a van with their little dog and a revolving cast of backing players.

Their live show with it’s fast, almost punk rock sound and cute-tough aesthetic is a distant cousin to the polished pop sound of this recording.

On first listen you have to set aside any preconceptions you have about this group and just go with it. Of course some purists will balk at the crisp, programmed drum sounds and the appearance of a mystery keyboard player, but there’s really no pleasing those folks anyway.

The first track “I Want That” barely gives you a chance to settle into your seat before it blasts off into the first of many delectable hooks. It’s a sure sign that the Graeff’s are on a take-no-prisoners crusade to be the number one song stuck in your head for the next week and a half. This song, much like the rest, features more production and instrumentation than we’ve heard in the past but it’s all built on top of the tight, melodic bass lines, complex cello work and beautifully crafted vocal melodies that are the foundation of the house that Brooke and Brit built.

“Good Touch” is the song that leverages this new found studio prowess the twins are wielding these days most effectively. Synth sounds breeze past your ears as the drums and bass work together in a confident strut that leads you into the gentle chorus of this densely packed pop song. 

“Catch 22” has to be one of the sweetest sad songs in history. While it sounds like a tale of a love that slipped away, there’s reassurance in the “woo hoo ooo ooo’ing” throughout the chorus. Any sadness felt, due to actualizing these emotions throughout song, will be rinsed away by audience members coalescing into a tribal support system as they sing along.

I’ve been told that “Pieky, Pieky” means something in French but I prefer to think of this chorus as a call to action spoken in code like some kind of Lord of the Flies chant that only those in the know will understand. And you know what? I’ll be damned if it doesn’t make me wanna dip my fingers in glitter, spread it ‘round the world and make it pretty.

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