New Cafe Aims to Styr Things Up at the HuB

New Cafe Aims to Styr Things Up at the HuB

Styr Café is powered by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and really anyone who is in the downtown Sarasota area looking for something fresh, savory, and flavorful between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday.

Collaboration is a beautiful thing. When like-minded individuals (and even differently-minded folks) come together for a common cause, the process is intriguing and the results can be remarkable. The HuB Building in downtown Sarasota is not only home to a slew of entrepreneurs and creatives but also their favorite break-time bistro, Styr Café (formerly Startup Café).

Christine Nordstrom, owner and operator of Sift Bakehouse, also managed the Startup Café. When she received the nod for purchasing the small munch and lunch spot housed on the first floor lobby of the HuB building, she was excited to take on this new endeavor and ready to work with “the Hubsters” of the Hub Media, the Hub’s internal design & marketing team, to make it the best it could be.

“When everything falls into place like this, it’s hard to it pass up,” says Nordstrom.

Having a space within same building as Sarasota’s premiere entrepreneurial and startup incubator was very appealing to Nordstrom as an entrepreneur and business owner herself. The HuB was more than thrilled to work with Nordstrom, who has a strong entrepreneurial background within the community. Her background in addition to owning her own business ranges involves several years of managing coffee establishments and serving as a consultant to assist the business owners of nearly 25 different tea and coffee establishments.

With the experienced marketing professionals at the HuB at her fingertips, Nordstrom found the perfect entrepreneurial ecosystem in the HuB building for collaborating and exchanging services that supported mutual goals. In fact, the agreement for designing the logo and rebranding the new Styr Café was bartered through what so many startup companies thrive on: passion and caffeine.

Sift Bakehouse uses Jimmy’s Java, a Ft. Myers-based coffee roaster and espresso cold brewer, to serve their customers delectable cold brew tapped from kegs. The Hubsters agreed to complete the design services in exchange for a few months’ worth of the savory caffeinated beverage on-demand.

“I gave them ideas on what I had in mind and they ran with it and came back with something great. In exchange, I kept them caffeinated,” recalls Nordstrom.


David Daly, Managing Partner of HuB Media, directed the team’s efforts and believes that the project fully encapsulated what the HuB community’s mission is all about – entrepreneurs supporting other entrepreneurs.

The HuB building owner and owner of the former Startup Café, Jesse Biter, also assisted Nordstrom with the remodeling of the bistro’s dining area in the lobby of the HuB. New custom furniture created by local woodworker and artisan Shawn O’Malley of Heart’s Art was purchased to add an inviting look and feel (as well as comfortable seating for diners to lounge and converse).  Biter’s investment in the continued success of the café comes from not only a place of capital improvement but again supporting his fellow local business owners and the entrepreneurial community he has been a part of himself.

Styr Café is powered by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and really anyone who is in the downtown Sarasota area looking for something fresh, savory, and flavorful between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday.

The HuB Building is located at 1680 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, FL 34236. Stop by to grab a variety of local vendor treats like 221 B.C. Kombucha, Sift Bakehouse baked goods and treats, in addition to signature jar salads, hot made-to-order artisan sandwiches, refreshing smoothies or craveable lattes. All crafted with the freshest ingredients around, of course.

Looking for a fresh take on your business? Contact HuB Media at david@hubsarasota.com.

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