Popular Local Business Gets Ready To Move It's Spiritual Home

Popular Local Business Gets Ready To Move It's Spiritual Home

"I want to create a sense of serenity that everyone can enjoy.”

Johnna White has suffered her far share of frustrations with Sarasota’s City Hall in the three years since she opened her popular store, Pixie Dust Metaphysical Boutique. Often what she perceives as a lack of understanding and foresight on the part of the council members concerning Main Street’s merchants’ business concerns has led her on the occasional collision course with those elected officials.

But despite these frustrations, White still remains loyal to the area and has recently cemented her faith by announcing Pixie Dust will be moving to a bigger, brighter store where, she promises, there will be more of what her customers have come to expect, “Just in a place that’s three times the size,” she laughed.

Pixie Dust’s new store will be at 1476 Main Street.

“My plan was always to grow the business and this is the perfect location to achieve my ambitions,” White said. “I’ll have so much space, not just for stock, but also to offer tarot readings and massage therapy classes. I want to create a sense of serenity that everyone can enjoy.”

White also intends to offer a variety of deeply spiritual classes aimed, she explains, at, “helping individuals to access deeper levels of consciousness to bring about healing and change, and to enhance creativity.”

Among the classes that White is most looking forward to introducing to her customers is psychomanteum sessions.

White explained the sessions, which will be conducted by Dr. Rebecca Merz, Ph.D, take place in a dimly lit space where a mirror is angled to reflect the darkness. Then begins a three-part process where an individual explores the possibility of connecting with a deceased love one.

A psychomanteum session allows anyone to explore this desire in an emotionally safe and confidential environment, White explained.

White also added that the expanded space will allow Pixie Dust to offer message therapy, amethyst bio-mat sessions, reiki sessions, past life regression and quantum healing.

Although she claims her three years at her present address have been a success, gathering around her a dedicated base of customers and the passing custom, White has always planned to grow from her present location which she admits has become far too restrictive.

“I’ve simply outgrown the space,” she explained. “I can’t see so much of my stock and it’s frustrating when people pushing baby carriages, or those in wheelchairs, find it difficult to look around. I knew the store had to grow in more than just a physical way.”

And although the attraction of the Mall at University Town Center was an obvious option, White was far too enamored with Main Street to take that obvious route.

“Sure, it crossed my mind, but only briefly. I feel UTC isn’t the right fit for Pixie Dust or our customers. There’s too many chain stores and the tempo is wrong for me. Main Street has so much cool stuff, I’d miss the place if I left.”

White admits she’s, “stressed out” thinking about the move, adding her living room resembles more of a temporary stockroom in the run up to the official opening, October 22nd, but it’s all part of a process she’s happy to suffer.

“I’m confident about the move, it’s going to be a win-win situation all the way,” she said. “But I’m exhilarated and frightened at the same time. The universe has opened up and said, ‘this is your time.’

Pixie Dust Metaphysical Boutique
1476 Main Street
(941) 366 6325


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