New Sarasota fitness center promises to transform more than just bodies.

New Sarasota fitness center promises to transform more than just bodies.

You often hear about a new gym coming into a community with the promise to change lives, but how do we measure the success of this promise? Is it through membership retention and total pounds or inches lost or gained? What about through area families successfully placed into transitional housing or mentored for employment opportunities?

Around the Clock Fitness is a full-service health club making the promise to improve the communities where it resides and that isn't just a clever marketing slogan. It's a fact. A start-up business from Cape Coral with nearly 30,000 cumulative members throughout its five current southwest Florida locations, ATC Fitness is not your typical franchised gym.

With the opening of its newest location in Sarasota, ATC Fitness will be dedicated to making a difference in the lives of its clients as well as the homeless population in the area through its philanthropic 501(c)3 arm, Around the Clock Caring. The non-profit was created to help address and provide solutions for underserved families after the rise of homelessness in Lee County where Around the Clock Fitness first opened its doors. Now it’s ready to transform bodies, hearts, and minds in Sarasota County too.

The new state-of-the-art facility is located in the former L.A. Fitness space on North Beneva and has been completely remodeled to accommodate all that ATC Fitness has to offer its members. Brand new machines and equipment, a fully-trained staff of fitness professionals and assistants, and many exclusive amenities await the residents of Sarasota upon the grand opening of the facility on May 7th, 2016.

In its layout design alone, the health club packs a big punch with a second-story addition to the original floor plan allowing them to dedicate multiple semi-private spaces for specific group fitness activities like Yoga/Pilates, MMA/Kickboxing, Bootcamp-style Training, Spinning, and Zumba. Oh and we can't forget to mention the dedicated Cross Fit space either. Of course, they also have all the standard equipment for members to use free weights, "soft" weights and cardio machines as well. 

To add even more convenience to its member experience, the Sarasota facility boasts a spacious childcare center with age-appropriate activities and supervision, including an arcade with an assortment of games. Members can grab a smoothie or a juice at the lobby bar on their way out the door. If they want to hang out after the sweating is done for the day, they can check out the exclusive members-only lounge with a wine and beer bar to mingle with fellow gym goers in a more laid-back setting.

Every member who joins get a complimentary assessment with a personal trainer and can decide how to approach their health club experience thereafter for accomplishing their personal fitness goals. 

“We appeal to everyone,” says General Manager Cory Wooten, who is thrilled to have found a place he can call home with ATC Fitness. Wooten runs a tight ship with many years of leadership and management experience in the fitness and wellness industries. Joining up with ATC Fitness specifically to open and operate the Sarasota location, Wooten is fully vested in the potential of this company to make a different on a large scale.

“We’re about changing people’s lives in the gym and in the community. That’s what makes us different from other health clubs,” Wooten says.

The company plans to grow their national landscape outside of Florida over the next couple of years, starting with their expansion in Sarasota, which is adding approximately 200 jobs to the local economy.

As a community that values their gyms as well as their philanthropic causes, Sarasota will surely welcome ATC Fitness as the newest addition to their fit fam.

Be sure to check out the limited time membership offer in celebration of their new location. 

ATC Fitness Sarasota is located at 935 North Beneva Road in the Publix Plaza.

Are you a local business who wants to partner with Around the Clock Caring to help the homeless in Sarasota? Visit the ATC Caring website for more information.

[Pictured left to right: Assistant General Manager Cristian Tramontozzi and General Manager Cory Wooten]

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