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Experience Sarasota: The Shamrock Pub

Experience Sarasota: The Shamrock Pub

The Shamrock likes to referred to as a "Pub for the People" first and a "Beer Bar" second. Find out why....



The Shamrock likes to be referred to as a "Pub for the People" first and a beer bar second. Now that doesn't mean that the rock doesn't know a thing or two about stocking some damn good beers. They have 18 beautiful, new taps featuring your Irish staples and a rotating selection of carefully selected craft beers. Plus 70 cans, bottles, and vintage beers that are always kept ice cold. Mix the great beer up with creative events like Shamrock's Summer Chef Series, where each Monday over the summer, local chefs from the area's best restaurants are invited to serve up a custom small plate menu, grilled on premises and paired it with a Shamrock seasonal brew and you're sure to be success. But it doesn't stop there, Shamrock Pub is known for always having something going on....

Past events include Beer Maniac Mondays, where you grab some great craft beer on the cheap, or Vinyl Wednesdays, where resident DJ's spun a mix of vinyl based on the theme of the night (ie. "Female Fronted Punk Bands").  They even played any records you bring in that night... Yea pretty f'n cool. Want to go to the biggest and the best St. Patty's day block party in all the land? The Rock has been the destination for those looking spend the day listening to the finest local music and drinking all the best beer the old country has to offer sans the green food coloring. Each year The Shamrock's St. Patty's block party benefits a local charity and owner Derek Anderson is more enthused every year to hand over a nice check to these great organizations. With BBQ's, DJs that'll play your records, great beer and events that give back to the community, Shamrock Pub really is a "Pub for the People." 


The Shamrock Pub

2257 Ringling Blvd, Sarasota, FL.
(941) 952-1730

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