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Experience Sarasota: Simply Spoiled Boutique

Experience Sarasota: Simply Spoiled Boutique

Just about every single item lining the shelves and tables of Simply Spoiled Boutique is worth obsessing over. Lotions and potions that smell good enough to eat, high-quality makeup that is as fun as it is beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry items and a spa in the back to boot, Simply Spoiled is quite indeed aptly named. Go on, spoil yourself.



Just about every single item lining the shelves and tables of Simply Spoiled Boutique is worth obsessing over. Lotions and potions that smell good enough to eat, high-quality makeup that is as fun as it is beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry items and a spa in the back to boot, Simply Spoiled is quite indeed aptly named.  

Simply Spoiled is every beauty junkie's playground, like a sandbox with every toy you can imagine. They have top brands in makeup, breauty products and skincare and we're an ideal store for gifts. Simply Spoiled offers customers the experience of walking into a beauty megastore, like Sephora, but with the customer care of a small boutique. I kept getting distracted by all the sparkly and smelly-good things.  For example, they have these amazing bath bombs that look like legitimately edible cupcakes. Not only are they beyond adorable on their own, they can also be packaged to look like a gift box of delectable treats.  I immediately thought what a great prank that would make, but others would probably note what a remarkable gift they would be.  

This past summer, Simply Spoiled expanded their services in response to a demand from clientele who repeatedly requested facials, manicures and other spa services.  Thus, Beauty Bar was formed as mini-spa to give customers the experience of SS products while still in the store setting.  Clients are treated to Kate Sommerville facials and Clarisonic cleaning, as well as the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System which delivers products deeper into the skin.  I tried it out.  It totally works.  

One thing I love about this store is the multitude of incredible product lines. Some people think you can't have enough shoes, I believe you can't have enough lipsticks.  But, it doesn't stop at lipsticks.  Face creams, body lotions, unique handmade jewelry, scarves and a plethora of makeup items surround you.  Some of our favorite brands are 'The Balm' makeup.  It's a vegan product with gorgeous color hues at a great price point.  Plus, The Balm is cute and edgy with adorable names for their eyeshadows (Balm Jovi anyone?) and super silky skincare items.  One of their bestsellers, though, is Kate Sommerville, known for its outstanding quality ingredients and ability to show results.  Personally, I fell in love with the One Love Skin Savior Balm.  The entire line is organic and handmade in small batches.  The Skin Savior smells like a creamsicle and smoothes on - to anything, lips, cuticles, eyebrows, split ends - like butter.  And as a diehard Rosebud Salve fan, I have to say, I may have found a new all-purpose miracle maker.  One Love also has an amazing exfoliator that comes in a powder form which you blend yourself for your desired smoothness.  It's pretty amazing.  Which is good because sometimes you just want a very gentle exfoliation and sometimes we just want to scrub the ever-loving shit out of our skin.  Now you have the option to do either or anything in between.  

Another unique and irresistible item is the Soy Delicious candles.  Made in Miami, these scrumptious smelling candles burn at room temp, allowing you to dip your fingers into the wax.  Why would one want to dip their fingers into candle wax?  Because this candle also doubles as lotion.  The melted candle glides on smoothly to skin creating a luxurious feel without leaving behind greasy residue.  They are super cool and would make the most incredible present - for yourself or a friend.  

Lalicious Body Scrub is a definite number one can't live without.  It is the total true spa experience at home.  It leaves skin so smooth and smells so good, it's just addicting and it's a paraben-free sugar and coconut oil scrub.  They also cater to the gentlemen with The Art of Shaving line which focuses on the old-fashioned method of men's grooming by prepping skin with shaving brushes and following up with aftershave balm, plus a few more items thrown in for good measure.  

Beyond gifts and goodies, Simply Spoiled tends to partner up with a lot of charities, both local and nationally known.  They love to host parties that are fundraisers, but fun for as well.  With a focus on charities that benefit children - Girls, Inc., Children First, Boys and Girls Club, Make-A-Wish, to name a few - they also raise awareness for several other causes including the 'Blinging Boobs' event we just had for breast cancer awareness.  

Simply Spoiled is located on Main Street in Downtown Sarasota.  There are products geared toward customers of all ages, from 5 to 95.  Simply Spoiled prides themselves on being able to advise customers on what they truly want or need, as opposed to just trying to sell you a product. They also offer makeup tutorials and makeovers.  This boutique is is simply gorgeous, so check it out.  Go on, spoil yourself.  



Simply Spoiled Boutique

1471 Main St, Sarasota, FL 34236
(941) 364-3337


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