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Experience Sarasota: SNAP Fitness

Experience Sarasota: SNAP Fitness

Snap Fitness is a harmonious, energetic environment. Also, one of the few 24 Hour Gyms in town. The franchise is locally owned operated, find out what makes this facility a local gem.


We all want to be healthy and get fit, right? Well, there’s a place you’ll find everything you need to help you accomplish your goals – Snap Fitness! The team at Snap Fitness specializes in creating customized programs for individuals that are ready for results, 24/7 (in case you didn’t get that reference, it’s a 24 hour gym). Owner, Martin Rivenbark has created a harmonious, energetic environment by bringing in Fitness Professionals whose specialties compliment one another. I visited his Bee Ridge location and met Manager and Group Fitness Instructor, Ryan Matthews who keeps things running seamlessly as well as Michael Massanelli who utilizes Muscle Activation Technique to tailor a fitness regiment specifically for your body.   

I got the privilege of rockin’ out with Trish Hutson in her TRX class. She took time out of her busy schedule to meet up with me the day before class so I could learn about exactly what TRX is. It stands for – total body resistance exercise and is simple yet very effective (trust me, I’m still feeling the burn)! Using a nylon strap that is fastened to a steel beam you utilize gravity and your own body weight to perform low impact, body-sculpting exercises. 

Whoever you are, TRX really can work for you! Trish has intense athletes as well as seniors cheering each other on in the same class. She shows you how to modify the workouts so you can push as hard as YOU are able. There are usually 3 levels of intensity you can choose from in each exercise. Since Trish is certified in TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training (which is much more than just the basic TRX certification), she is able train those with recovering injuries as well as coach you in a way that will prevent common injuries. I told her about an old injury I was concerned about and she was very conscious of it throughout the class, showing me modifications for exercises that might strain it. I loved one thing she was constantly saying, “make this YOUR minute!” That means do whatever level you are able to and own it, I love that positive attitude!

A little about Fitness Professional, Trish Hutson… “I’ve always been active, I used to be a cheerleader and danced hip hop. I was a teacher for 14 years and in 2006 started teaching Group Fitness and Kick Boxing.” Her teaching background, passion for fitness and health, and love of music and dance makes for a pretty awesome combination, because she knows how to balance fun and technique while pushing you. “I love that it’s not a meat market!” she said when I asked her what she loves most about Snap Fitness. “People aren’t here to show off, it’s a supportive environment from its very core, starting with Michael, Ryan and I.”

I will be seeing a lot of Trish because I’m ready to get my abs back (my 6 month old son stole them from me!). So, join me and talk with Trish, Michael or Ryan about creating a path to your fitness goal.

SNAP Fitness

5802 Bee Ridge Rd #102, Sarasota, FL 34232
(941) 377-5646

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