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Experience Sarasota: Pecky

Experience Sarasota: Pecky

They wanted a space to show what could really be done with their custom pieces. The name 'Pecky' just seemed to fit.


On a fabulously sunny day in Sarasota with deep blue skies and no cloud in sight I eagerly approached the big glass doors of Pecky in downtown Sarasota on Central Avenue. As I entered my senses were stirred by a blur of soothing greys and shades of blue, eye catching glass, glimmering metals and the most beautiful wood grains you have seen. Sumptuous sofas, exquisite custom furniture and home accessories to swoon over were scattered throughout the store. There was fabulous artwork adorning the walls and jute rugs dressing the floors. Just when I thought I had taken it all in I noticed tasteful hand forged French chandeliers descending from the ceiling.

I was hooked; this store definitely caught my attention!

Not only did I get to look around but I also had the Pleasure of meeting with Patricia and Peter Estes who are both owners and operators of Pecky. I sat down with Patricia to find out more…

Pecky, that's an interesting name... Patricia explained that Estes Recovered Pecky Cypress Wood product was the original springboard to the store. They wanted a space to show what could really be done with their custom pieces. The name 'Pecky' just seemed to fit. After teaming up with the HUB for a little branding and graphic design expertise and artist Kevin LePrince, who created the bird painting as a favor, the quirky and cheeky bird character 'Pecky' was born. And Pecky is quite the character, the bird is actually very technology savvy and even has his own facebook and twitter account … that’s right the bird actually tweets!

With my curiosity of the name solved it was time to delve in deeper and find out more about this upscale furniture boutique. I asked Patricia to tell me more on how the company evolved. “It started when we made a large investment in the stock of recovered lumber. We wanted to find a use for this beautiful wood." The recovered lumber is pulled out of swamps and can be hundreds of years old. “I guess we should thank Larry the swamp guy” Patricia said with a chuckle. After the lumber is recovered it is then milled and has to be left to dry out for one and a half years.

That is some pretty special wood if you ask me!

Recovered wood is a beautiful commodity both visually and also metaphorically speaking. It is Eco friendly in that it uses undiscovered hidden timber submerged hundreds of years ago and preserves our forests today. I asked Patricia her opinion on being Eco friendly “At an older age I am learning the importance of preserving the environment and appreciate how the younger generation values this concept… our philosophy evolves around custom, quality and heading towards the green.” After Patricia said this I am sure I heard a little tweet in the background from Pecky in agreement!

So I have a feel for Pecky and the origins of the company, now I want to know what I can expect to find inside the store. "The passion for the store is to feature artisan driven lines, pieces that have been designed, handcrafted and predominantly made in the United States." says Patricia. The store appeals to a young affluent and quality buyer that wants casual high design. The pieces in this store are phenomenally unique they ooze individuality. Custom piece demands range greatly from a rustic Colorado mountain home at High Point, to a fine high design wood table top for a showroom in New York City.

Patricia began vacationing in Sarasota thirty-four years ago at Anna Maria Island. “It was love at first sight” she said. "The idea to open a boutique here began brewing five years ago, but an unsure economy put things on hold for a little while." When asking how she decided when to go ahead with the idea, Patricia replied “I am a gut person… I felt like it was right… I believe the economy in Sarasota is very promising. We felt that Sarasota was lacking some great artisan lines that they had come to know and love. We wanted to open a store where we could share this collection of beauty and craftsmanship and also show our custom lumber work."

Lines that Pecky carries to name a few are:

Verellen- Begium design with American know how giving you comfort and beauty in the forms of slip covered sofas and chairs in delicate shades of Belgium linen.

Jan Barboglio- Rustic home décor accessories often using glass and hand-hammered iron.

Simon Pierce- Hand blown glass from Vermont with incredible character and elegance.

Christopher Spitzmille- Hand crafted ceramic lamps hand painted with gold leaf finishing trims made in New York City.

Match- Beautiful pewter pieces which are both functional and decorative, hand crafted in Italy.


So whether you need interior design help, a piece of furniture, a unique wedding gift or you want to come and ogle fine furniture to inspire you and pet sweet Fiona the shop dog, Pecky is most definitely worth a visit! You can keep you eyes peeled for upcoming trunk shows in the near future featuring: fashion, jewelry and children’s clothing. In the meantime stay up to date with Pecky on facebook and maybe even send him a tweet or two on twitter.

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