Experience Sarasota: 20 Minutes to Fitness

Experience Sarasota: 20 Minutes to Fitness

The key is we never let your body get comfortable with what you are doing. These exercises have been created to engage all of your muscle groups and keep your body challenged at all times


No time, no motivation, no workout clothes, no willpower, feel intimidated, you hate to exercise, you hate to sweat… any more excuses??? Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Michele Rose at 20 Minutes to Fitness, now located on Main Street. As Michele puts it “exercise is like brushing your teeth, you have to do it”.


Leave your excuses at the door because all you need is twenty minutes a week, yes just twenty minutes you heard me! You can show up in a suit and tie, in a pair of board shorts, jeans, pretty much anything you like. You won’t even break a sweat in an air-conditioned room kept at 68 degrees. You can rely on the motivation of your highly qualified personal trainer and enjoy your surroundings with vocalist jazz music playing in the background and colorful artworks by Peppi Elona adorning the walls. “We are the concierge of personal training”, says Michele.

I personally have always known that exercise is important and I actually fall into the category of someone who enjoys to exercise – yes we do exist! But until I met Michele I did not realize how your body begins to break down as you age and how crucial exercise is to giving you a better quality of life. Michele explained to me that without strength training, over time your muscles deteriorate and at an older age you can lose muscle function, to such extremes that fetching the mail or getting out of a chair becomes a serious struggle. When you lose muscle function you also put pressure on your skeletal system, weakening your bones. According to research you can begin to lose muscle mass as early as your twenties.



Sounds Intriguing, but how does it work?

At 20 Minutes to Fitness they focus on muscle fatigue. Michele began to explain “The key is we never let your body get comfortable with what you are doing”. They have sixteen different machines at the facility and work on eighteen different exercises total. These exercises have been created to engage all of your muscle groups and keep your body challenged at all times. During each twenty-minute session you will complete six exercises all of which focus on stimulating fast twitch muscle fibers. The exercises consist of ultra, ultra slow movements; the slower you do it the more effective it is! – going slow is harder than you think, trust me! I tried it out under Michele’ s careful guidance and support. Each exercise works to the goal of ninety to a hundred and twenty seconds of slow repetitions. The weight and intensity is tailored specifically to each individual. Everything you do is recorded and kept track of so that you can see your progress at all times.

I asked Michele, if someone is older and has not exercised if it could be too late to do anything? “Absolutely not, I have a ninety four year old who comes here and has made excellent progress” Michele assured me. She went on to share countless success stories of clients who had made outstanding improvements and gained a far better quality of life.

At 20 Minutes to Fitness you are always one on one with a personal trainer. Each trainer is extremely caring and friendly, highly dedicated to their clients success and is nationally certified with constant ongoing further education. Addressing your specific goals is the key to success, be it weight loss, an increase of energy, toning or increasing mobility. A full screening of all your previous medical history and any injuries received will be discussed in depth to ensure that you have the tailor made care and attention that you deserve. “We are sticklers about proper form and technique” Said Michele. That's exactly why 20 Minutes to Fitness works by appointment only. There are no contracts and no membership fees, you pay by the session. You can purchase discount session packages to save money and you can get free sessions when you participate in their generous referral system. They are so confident in their system inspired by the world famous Arthur Jones, that they proudly have a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. 

20 Minutes to Fitness is Changing the Way You Look at Exercise…Forever!”

“I think that exercise is the fountain of youth”, says Michele.


Downtown Sarasota

1819 Main St. Suite 110
Sarasota, FL 34236
Office: 941.361.1000
Fax: 941.361.1005

Facebook Page 


Lakewood Ranch

6257 Lake Osprey Drive
Sarasota, FL 34240
Office: 941-309-8989
Fax: 941-309-8990

LWR Facebook Page



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