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Experience Sarasota: Ideal Image

Experience Sarasota: Ideal Image

Hair, it’s a love hate relationship! When your luscious locks are looking good you feel a million dollars but when you’re having a bad hair day it is a different story. As far as hair goes though I think we can mostly agree that there is only one place that we really want it, on our head.

Hair, it’s a love hate relationship! When your luscious locks are looking good you feel a million dollars but when you’re having a bad hair day it is a different story. As far as hair goes though I think we can mostly agree that there is only one place that we really want it, on our head. Especially living in sunny Florida, where you are almost always in a pair of shorts or a swimsuit. 

I received a call from my editor informing me of my next experience assignment at Ideal Image, Laser Hair Removal. He casually asked if I wanted to have a treatment while I was there.

- my mind began to conjure up crazy ideas of  giant laser beams zapping my skin off while staff held me down and ensured me that pain is beauty. 

Well in reality my experience at Ideal Image was far from my wild imagination, let me tell you more. Ideal Image of Manasota is a locally owned and operated franchise. I arrived at their location on University Parkway. I arrived at a cute yellow building surrounded by palm trees, it looked like an inviting spa. I was greeted by a big smile and friendly voice, I was offered a drink and then shown to a comfy sitting area where I filled out some paper work with personal details, information on my skin type and medical background. 

A few minutes later I met with the lovely Danielle Hudson - Clinic Director. She flipped through the sheets that I had just filled out and told me how excited they were to have me there - how nice! 

Danielle told me all about how the laser hair removal worked. The laser targets the dark pigment in the hair and kills the root permanently! It takes a few sessions to target all the hairs. Sessions are spaced out 10 weeks apart so that new hair growth is targeted. Each session permanently eliminates 10-20% of the hair. They have different types of lasers for different types of skin, ensuring that they get the best and safest results. 


The really nice part is that you can keep shaving right up until your appointment, you do not have to grow your hair out because the laser works at the root not the surface hair.  After a session it will take from 7-21 days for all of the hair to fall out, the dead hair is pushed out just like a splinter. After it falls out you will have 2-5 weeks of blissful baldness, making each session rewarding. This process will continue after each session until all the hair that can be targeted is gone. Danielle who is naturally a big fan of laser hair removal told me; “you get very used to not shaving, you really get spoiled”.

The sessions can be purchased individually or a complete package can be bought. Ideal Image offers monthly, interest free financing and has an excellent referral basis, if you refer a friend and they sign up for a treatment you get a $100 credit on your account.

As you might have picked up earlier I was a tiny bit apprehensive about the treatment. I was assured that I was at the best place for laser hair removal. “Hair removal is all we do here, that is why we are so good at it.” Said Danielle. 

Danielle continued my consultation checking if I had any questions and knowledgeably informing me of everything that I needed to know. Before long Marie Harrington came to whisk me away. 

Marie is an advanced registered nurse practitioner, she has been with Ideal Image for almost eight years. Before Ideal Image Marie worked in critical care for twenty five years! Needless to say I was in good hands.  Marie is very friendly and witty but she takes what she does seriously. “Some people may not realize it but hair removal can be life changing for some” Marie explained to me that she has treated many people with hormone disorders which has given them a lot of unwanted hair, causing them to greatly lack self confidence. Marie told me that she had seen women with lots of facial hair who hid their faces and could barley make eye contact and after treatment they transformed into confident and happy individuals.

It was my turn to quiz Marie. Firstly I asked if it was going to hurt, she told me that everyone’s experience was different and that every area is different. For people who find it quite uncomfortable they can use numbing cream, which she said really helps.  Then I asked if there were any health risks. Marie assured that me that it was a safe process, we use infrared light, which is on the opposite side of the light spectrum to UV rays- meaning that there are NO cancer causing rays used for hair removal! 

The one important thing that you must know is that treatment cannot be done on sun tanned skin. Your skin must not have sun exposure for four weeks before any treatment can be given. Luckily for me I was getting my underarm zapped, and obviously I do not suntan with my arms above my head. 

All questions had be answered and all information given, there was nothing left for me to do than get the treatment! Marie ushered me to a comfy leather bed, she gave me a stylish pair of glasses to protect my eyes from the light and then she reached for the laser. I definitely braced myself… she began and I didn’t feel anything! A few seconds later and I felt a little bit of heat but I can’t even say that it was uncomfortable; it really was painless in my opinion. The process lasted a few minutes and I was shocked that that’s all it took! You can make a ten-minute appointment and call in for a treatment on your lunch break! 

My whole experience at Ideal Image from start to finish was great! I received excellent customer service and felt very at ease at their clean and comfortable facility. I am writing this article two days after my treatment, I have had no pain, no redness or any kind of marks on my skin and can say that I would definitely recommend it! It is a non-invasive, quick and easy treatment that has permanent results. 

This couldn’t be better timing, as i'm getting ready for summer. Ideal Image of Manasota also has ladies nights, you can follow them to find out when the next one is. During these events you can buy any laser hair removal package and get one FREE. New guests can also get a FREE underarm treatment, just call to reserve your spot. You can also enjoy complimentary massages, beauty consultations, refreshments and great giveaways 

What do you have to loose? – other than unwanted hair!



Sarasota-Bradenton Laser Hair Removal


6280 Lake Osprey Drive
Sarasota, Florida 34240
1-800-BE-IDEAL (1-800-234-3325)


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