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Experience Sarasota: Nessentials

Experience Sarasota: Nessentials

A brush is a brush is brush, right? Well that’s what I thought until I stepped foot into Nessentials on Pineapple Ave. I can only describe this store as totally unique, there's literally nothing else like it in Sarasota.



Brush- noun
tool with bristles attached to handle. 

A brush is a brush is brush, right? Well that’s what I thought until I stepped foot into Nessentials on Pineapple Ave. I can only describe this store as totally unique, there's literally nothing else like it in Sarasota. I asked Nadja Moeller the owner and operator of Nessentials how she got into this business of brushes. I found out that it was not a family tradition or a life-long passion but it was an essential, hence the name Nessentials. 

“I needed a real broom” 

I have to admit I was a tiny bit confused… “What makes a broom real I asked?

“Horse hair” she replied. “synthetic fiber brushes just spread the dust and sand around they don’t pick it up.”

I spent the next hour with Nadja at Nessentials finding out more about her interesting store.

All the brushes in the store are made in Germany, which is where Nadja is from, she told me that everyone in Germany has a real brush. The price points of the brushes vary but I thought the prices were very reasonable for the quality. Yes, you may pay a little more for your broom verses some bix box store, but I would say that it is definitely worth it... Nadja explained how a cheap broom made out of plastic do not last, and with synthetic hair it will not do a good job picking up anything. Paying a few extra dollars for a wooden broom with horse hair will pay off, she assured me.

“Your broom will last you many years maybe even a life time depending on how much you sweep” said Nadja. (Well, based on my track record of sweeping I could make a safe bet that I probably wouldn’t shorten a broom's life too much, but I bet my husband would...) Nessentials carries more than just brooms. Actually, pretty much any brush imaginable, I’m pretty sure that you can find it here... Pet brushes, hair brushes, baby brushes, massage brushes, clothes brushes, vegetable brushes, toilet brushes, computer brushes, shaving brushes, paint brushes… just to name few. Nessentials has quite the inventory the customers love their products.


"We have many repeat customers and have word of mouth referrals from all over the world. Our customers in Sarasota are extremely loyal, often bringing friends and family members into the store."

All the brushes are natural and made of varyingt materials depending of their intended use. There are brushes made from plant fibers, bronze, agave and palm leafs. Others are made from Yak, goat, horse, boar and badger hairs to name a few. The handles are crafted from beach wood, olive wood, pale wood and thermal wood. All the brushes are high quality, hand-made and built to last.

Nadja has specialty brushes such as the body ionic brush, which is good for circulation, leveling energy flow and treating dry skin. Hairbrushes with wooden pins work as a head massage and are especially good for people with dry scalps. Hairbrushes made from boar’s hair prevent ripping and breaking of your hair, the bristles are very flexible. Shaving sets have brushes made from badger’s hair, this hair has rounded tips so it will not irritate the skin.

Nadja is extremely knowledgeable on her products and is very helpful!

As well as specialty brushes Nessentials carries: manicure and pedicure clippers and nippers, tweezers and hair scissors. “They are very sharp and light, they are made in Solingen, Germany which is world renowned for the very best stainless steel quality” said Nadja.

Over time Nadja has added some trinkets and gifts to her store and has an interesting and unique collection of items including beer steins, artwork and marionette puppets. The beer steins range from functional everyday usage steins to anniversary collectors edition steins. Traditionally, in Germany steins are often used. Nadja told me how people have fresh draft beer at their house when they have little gatherings with friends and families. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me!

Nadja recalls making her own marionettes when she was young and going to marionette shows. The puppets that she carries come from Prague, Italy and Germany. They're large collectible marionettes made with ceramic and wooden features, she also has smaller marionettes for children dressed as princesseses, Harry Potter and even Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Marionettes for children are a great idea as they are playful and encourage use of imagination and creativity. 

The latest items to grace Nessentials are art works by Toms Drag, a German artist. “The work is colorful and makes you smile” says Nadja. Tom creates animal drag queens adorned with little bits of bling, lots of pattern and bold colors. The pieces are very popular and make excellent conversation starters. 

Nessentials carries an interesting array of items, not forgetting the extensive range of high quality bushes, which as Nadja puts it – are essential! 



532 S Pineapple Avenue Sarasota, FL

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