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Experience Sarasota: Carats Fine Jewelry & Watches

Experience Sarasota: Carats Fine Jewelry & Watches

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. Walking into Carats may result in swooning, increased heartbeat and shortness of breath.



Carats, I’m not talking about the orange kind that you pull out from the ground, I’m talking about a girls best friend - diamonds!

Carats fine jewelry and watches was launched just a few months ago, it is located 1922 Bay Rd in Sarasota. Locally owned and operated by the very nice Greg Twarowski.

I got to take a closer look at this beautiful store just a few days ago. When you first walk into the store you will find yourself in a beautiful store, which was designed and implemented by architect Jesse Balaity, Everything has been very tastefully done. It is simple and classic leaving the main attraction as the jewelry itself. I met Jennifer the sales manager who was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, she has over twenty years of experience in the jewelry industry and she certainly knows what she is talking about. Jennifer and Greg showed me around the store opening up all the cases and making my eyes swoon over exquisite jewelry.

So what makes Carats unique?

Well there are a number of reasons but one of the first is that they have their own jeweler on site with access to first class tools including a laser weld. This means that Carats offers custom made jewelry! What better way to create sentimental pieces than by designing it yourself?

The jewelry made and repaired at Carats takes place under a microscope meaning that jewelry is not only beautiful to the eye but is microscopically precise. Custom jewelry work can start from scratch or can even begin by using a family heirloom or special sentimental piece, which can then be incorporated into your design. The excellent interior design at Carats allows you to watch jewelry being crafted through the glass partition separating the storefront and the workroom. With a jeweler on site you can relax knowing that if you have a special item that needs to be repaired it won’t have to be shipped anywhere but will stay safely onsite, “we are able to complete repair work in a very timely manner” said Greg.

Carats has a large selection of bridal, fashion and estate jewelry. Their bridal lines are stunning and include the brand True Romance (dear husband, if you are reading this and would like to upgrade my ring at any time Jennifer knows exactly which one I am in love with).

Carats buys, sells and also offers discreet collateral loans.


“If it’s jewelry, we can help you with that.” Says Greg.


The watch selection at the store is impressive with a large selection for both men and women, including new and pre owned. Carats is an authorized dealer for many name brands including: Oris, Citizen, Hamilton Tisscot, Kir, True Romance and Dabakarov. The high quality of this store is very apparent, pre owned watches during my visit included brands such as: Rolex, Gucci and Chanel.

Carats is still new to the scene but there are lots of great future plans in the pipeline. There are plans to: have a watchmaker on site, to add another jeweler and also to provide the service of written appraisals. I would highly recommend paying a visit to Carats. 


Carats Fine Jewelry and Watches

1922 Bay Road, Sarasota, Florida 34239

(941) 926-3335

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