Experience Sarasota: Clean Smoke

Experience Sarasota: Clean Smoke

Clean Smoke promotes better health and well being than traditional smoking. With no smoke, no ash, no tar and money savings, you can see why so many people are making the switch!



With no smoke, no ash, no tar and money savings, you can see why so many people are making the switch!


“It is what it is – clean smoke” explains owner Kirk Henry. Kirk’s passion for helping other tobacco smokers is very apparent. In just over two years Clean Smoke now has four store front locations and a growing online demand. (click here for locations and the online store)

Intrigued? Wondering what an electric cigarette is? Hearing of people making ‘the switch’? Then read on!

Vaping is the new coined phrase used when referring to electric cigarettes, the Urban Street dictionary defines it as; “To inhale vapor from E-cigarettes. Used because “smoking” an E-cig doesn’t apply as there is no smoke only vapor.”

How do E-cigs work? E-cigs are battery-powered devices, you can buy them disposable or rechargeable. The device converts liquid nicotine into a vapor, which the user inhales. You can top up your Clean Smoke supplies in over 30 retail locations here in Sarasota alone such as gas stations and bars. (To see all locations visit the Clean Smoke website)

E-cigs are a nicotine replacement product and a smoking alternative; they contain 3 ingredients (4 if you go with a flavored option). Studies show  E-cigs are more effective than the patch. "This research provides an important benchmark for e-cigarettes," said Chris Bullen, director of the National Institute for Health Innovation at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, the study's lead author. Until now, there has been little information about the effectiveness or safety of e-cigarettes. "We have now shown they are about as effective as a standard nicotine replacement product."


All of Clean Smokes liquids are manufactured in the USA. There is no combustion involved in E-cigs, the only chemical they contain is nicotine, unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, which coat your lungs in tar and ash and contain over 4000 chemicals.

Another benefit with switching to E-cigs is the amount of money that you will save. Kirk informed me that traditionally a pack a day smoker on average will spend $180-$200 a month on their cigarettes. Clean Smoke products with a matched level of nicotine to that of a pack a day smoker will spend $40-$50 a month.

Clean Smoke prides itself on outstanding customer service, when you enter the clean and modern storefront you can expect a friendly and professional welcome. You can sit down on an inviting sofa sip a cup of coffee and find out everything there is to know about E-cigs. Clean Smoke will conduct a mini interview with you, they will find out how much you currently smoke, how long you have smoked and what type of cigarettes you have been smoking (different brands have varying amounts of nicotine). After discussing your smoking habits Clean Smoke will be able to set you up with the correct products, they will match your nicotine intake, meaning you won’t have any cravings. Over time you can reduce the amount of nicotine contained in your E-cigs, for some people this means completely quitting smoking, for some it means going to a lower dosage of nicotine and for others it can mean smoking E-cigs with no nicotine in them but satisfying their hand to mouth sensory habit.

Visiting a Clean Smoke store offers you personal coaching, they will show you how to use E-cigs and walk you through all of the varieties available. They have disposable mouthpieces in the store meaning that you can try before you buy. With forty different flavors currently available and several different E-cig devices they won't cramp your style, but enhance it. Kirk informed me that the technology in the industry keeps growing, making the sensation of Vaping even closer to traditional tobacco smoking. The best part is that you have the sensation but without the odor, the secondhand smoke and the chemicals. “It just feels clean” says Kirk.

So what do you have to loose… other than your dirty habit? Visit Clean Smoke today and find out how you can make the switch.


2325 Bee Ridge Road
Sarasota, FL 34239
(941) 922-7000

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